Hello everyone!  That's me!  The one on the left ;)  The other guy in that picture is my Missouri Fox Trotter, Sami.  He used to be my main squeeze, until I met my soul mate, Jason, which I married in Sept. of 2018, hence the wedding photos.  On the right, that's my handsome husband and his horse Nevaeh.  And below, that's our entire family, my daughter and Jason's two sons, now my step children.  Oh and how can I forget the most energetic family member in our household, Dixie, our German Shorthair pointer.    

So, everyone asks, "How did you start sculpting?"  Well, about 25 years ago, I saw my very first polymer clay cow at a craft show and not having a hobby other than riding horses, I wanted to make something out of clay, so my mom (I was only 17 at the time...shhh...don't tell my age!) bought me some clay at a local art store...the rest, is history.  I've been sculpting from polymer clay ever since...yes, I've got 25 years of sculpting under my belt!  YIKES!  That makes me feel REALLY old! I have spent my life traveling to numerous craft and trade shows and in about 2000, I started selling online.  At that time, the name Flakey 'n Friends was born as I made mostly snowmen...and some of his friends.  I hired a web designer and launched my own website.  Life got busy, internet sales were slow, so over the years, my website dwindled and I decided to dissolve it.  Then, FaceBook launched...not knowing what it was, I joined and eventually (around 2010ish, I launched my very own Flakey 'n Friends page.  Long story short (haha) here I am in 2019 launching my very own website once again!  

My hobby of playing with polymer clay has become a passion which I LOVE, I find myself wrapped up in making my new creations and the world can fall in around me! lol And it does...along with the housework..teehee.

I thank you for visiting my website!  I hope you see something you'll love and from time to time, I will offer customs, so keep checking back!  Also, you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram by clicking below.

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